The Journal’s Content and Objectives

Forensic sciences currently include many multidisciplinary research and study on various themes, including but not limited to, crime, perpetrator detection, investigation of offences and offenders, collection and examination of evidence gathered during criminal and administrative investigations. Forensic sciences as a multidisciplinary field also collaborate with many related sciences such as physic, biology, chemistry, anthropology, statistic, psychology, sociology, law, and economy.  The dissemination of the current relevant multidisciplinary research and studies is evidently paramount for the advancement of the field. Accordingly, JFSCS aims at providing a platform for the researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, and literature reviews.

JFSCS welcomes any submission within the framework of forensic sciences, related fields, as well as multidisciplinary academic work. JFSCH advisory board consists of both Turkish and International academicians. The Journal contains both Turkish and English articles, which will be published biannually in the months of June and December.  The submissions for publications shall not include previously published manuscripts in any journal or platform with the exception of classical works’ (i.e., published at least 25 years ago) interpretations and translations with the copyright holders’ consents. The submissions in relation to previous academic presentations (e.g., seminars, conferences) may be submitted but this information is to be underlined in the submission.

Manuscript Format and Structure Guidance     

JFSCS accepts manuscripts both in Turkish and English. Turkish manuscripts shall adhere to the “Current Dictionary and Spelling” on the web site of “Turkish Language Society” (Türk Dil Kurumu), in relation to Turkish grammar, punctuation, spelling, and abbreviation rules. The submitted manuscripts shall be drafted in accordance with scientific criteria in a clear, concise, and comprehensible language.

 Manuscripts shall include the following:

Manuscripts shall be between 4000 and 8000 words, excluding reference list, drafted in accordance with APA format (6th ed.).

Manuscript Submission and Evaluation Process

Manuscripts shall be submitted electronically in MS Word format on the journal’s website at via article management system.

First the editors assess the submitted manuscripts’ formats. The expected manuscript format can be found on the JFSCS’ website. The manuscripts that fail to meet the minimum standards will be sent to the authors for rectification. The manuscripts that satisfy the minimum format standards are forwarded to applicable at least two peers for review by the editor or deputy editors. Note that JFSCS implements blind procedure in its peer review process. If the two peers provide different views on the manuscript, a third peer is asked to review the manuscript. Based on the peers’ review reports, the manuscripts may be accepted or modification may be required for publication, or they may be rejected. The editor or deputy editors inform the authors of the peers’ criticism and suggestions as well as their own views. The authors who are requested to modify their manuscripts will be provided with extra up to 30 days to conclude their amendments.

The authors will be informed of the manuscript assessment conclusions within 90 days of their submissions with the exception of the manuscripts that are sent to a third peer, in which the process may take up to 120 days.  In relation to qualified manuscripts, the editors and/or the publication board make the final decision on whether a manuscript will be published as well as when it will be published. The authors will be informed of the process via e-mail or the article management system.

Manuscript Assessment Process

Ethic Codes

The manuscripts shall adhere scientific and ethical citing rules. The authors are liable to ensure their manuscripts are in accordance with scientific ethic codes. The manuscripts including experiments with animal or human participants shall have already received ethics committee approval, which is required to be indicated and documented in the manuscript submission.

The manuscripts shall not be partially or fully previously published in any platform, nor shall they be sent for publication anywhere else until due process is completed or the authors first withdraws their manuscripts from the process with JFSCS.

The manuscripts shall be original works, written by submitting author or authors. The manuscripts on translated articles shall provide the consent for their submission from the copyright holder author and publisher. Once the manuscripts are published, the authors are presumed to acknowledge the transfer of their manuscript’s copyright to JFSCS and they shall not publish their article in any other platform (e.g., journal, internet site, blog, editorial book) without written consent from editorial office at JFSCS. As part of the manuscript submission, the authors shall submit “Plagiarism Audit Report”, certifying to fully fulfill scientific ethic codes, and “Manuscript Copyright Agreement”.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.